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May 19

Predictive Analytics Cross-Industry, from Healthcare (physical and mental) to Government, Law Enforcement and Marketing

Business intelligence and data analytics have increasingly become vertically focused (e.g. domain). Is there still a need for cross-industry analytics?  What do vertically focused solutions provide that cross-industry cannot? What can horizontally focused solutions provide over vertical solutions, if anything?

What impact does data-driven thinking have on BI and analytics? Does this impact vary for domain-specific solutions? How about for cross-industry solutions?

This panel will discuss the current state of BI and data analytics, including how they have evolved and what directions they may take. In addition, the role of data will be discussed in this context.

Welcome Panelists:

John D. Creedon

John (JD) is a seasoned sales and business development executive with 20 years of start-up experience. JD joined Patient Route Systems from Vodafone’s US consulting business where he built out their strategic consulting capabilities in North America under the Bluefish brand. Previously, as part of the founding team at GlassHouse Technologies, JD spent 10 years helping to expand GlassHouse from a handful of folks to over 600 people both domestically and internationally. He held a variety of senior roles including, VP of International Integration, GM Federal, and Director of Business Development. JD was instrumental in helping grow GlassHouse’s revenue from <$1mm to $140mm in 10 years through a number of significant deals and new lines of business (e.g. created GlassHouse’s Federal Division).

JD is a graduate of Trinity College in 1990 (Hartford, CT) and received his MBA from Cornell’s Johnson School of Management in 1999 where he was a Park Fellow. He lives in Newton, MA with his wife and two daughters.

Subrata Das, President and Chief Scientist, Machine Analytics

Dr. Subrata Das is the founder of Machine Analytics and is a well-known expert in the fields of data fusion, computational intelligence, and business analytics. Subrata’s technical expertise includes theory of probability of statistics, mathematical logic, probabilistic and other formalisms for handling uncertainty, symbolic argumentation, graphical modeling, particle filtering, natural language processing, intelligent agents, and a broad range of computational artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

Subrata spent two years in Grenoble, France, as the manager of over forty researchers in the document content laboratory at the Xerox European Research Centre. Subrata guided applied analytics research and development in the areas of unstructured data analyses, machine translation, image processing, and decision-making under uncertainty. Subrata was one of the five-members in the high-profile Xerox task force Knowledge Work 2020, alongside colleagues from the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), to explore a strategic vision of the future of work.

Before joining Xerox, Subrata held the Chief Scientist position at Charles River Analytics in Cambridge, MA, where he led many fusion and analytical projects funded by DARPA, NASA, and various branches within the US Department of Defense (DoD), including the Army, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL). He has also extensively collaborated with various universities around the world. In the past, Subrata held research positions at Imperial College and Queen Mary and Westfield College, both part of the University of London, where he researched in the health informatics domain. He received his PhD in Computer Science from Heriot-Watt University in Scotland, a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Kolkata, and an M.Tech from the Indian Statistical Institute.

Subrata is the author of the books High-Level Data Fusion, published by the Artech House, Foundations of Decision Making Agents: Logic, Modality, and Probability, published by the World Scientific/Imperial College Press, and Deductive Databases and Logic Programming, published by Addison-Wesley. Subrata has also co-authored the book entitled Safe and Sound: Artificial Intelligence in Hazardous Applications, published by the MIT Press (Nobel laureate Herbert Simon wrote the foreword of the book). Subrata’s latest book is Computational Business Analytics to be published by Chapman and Hall.

Subrata is a regular contributor, a technical committee member, a panel member, and a tutorial lecturer at the International Conference on Information Fusion. Subrata has published many conference and journal articles, edited a journal special issue, and regularly gives seminars and training courses based on his books. Subrata is proficient in multiple programming languages including Java, C++ and Prolog, and in various database systems. He has conceived and developed in-house tools aText, iDAS and RiskAid that provide underlying engines of the Machine Analytics products.


Bob Caspe, Cofounder and CEO of the International Entrepreneurship Center

Bob taught "Marketing for Entrepreneurs" at Babson's MBA Graduate Entrepreneurship program, during which he also consulted to high-tech startups. Prior to Babson, Bob started 3 high-tech companies. The first was in the medical instrumentation business,  building array processors and nuclear medicine systems. The second, Leaf Systems, Inc., was in the newspaper imaging business and also built one of the world's first digital cameras for professional use. His third company was in the consumer imaging business, where they offered a variety of digital cameras and accessories through retail channels and infomercial direct marketing. With this background Bob has been exposed to a variety of B2B and B2C marketing channels and is familiar with the diverse set of issues that challenge small companies.


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