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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Internet of Things (aka Machine to Machine or M2M) - A new Frontier for Entrepreneurs

We live in an age where many items can be individually identified. Cars pass through toll booths with chips in transponders; passports have microchips; pets have microchip implants; appliances can be monitored; and the list goes on. All of these items can communicate with people, machines, or applications for multiple purposes: collecting payment, tracking location, or simply for convenience. Welcome to the world of the Internet of Things.

This type of machine-to-machine communications has given rise to a big growth technology referred to as M2M. Although not an entirely new technology (telemetry M2M applications have existed for decades), the explosion in the number of identifiable items has created a thriving market for new M2M businesses.

Will you commercialize on the next technology revolution or fall behind?  Recent reports estimate M2M will be a $1 Trillion industry by 2020.  Where are the opportunities and strategies for Entrepreneurs?  How will you embrace it for your business and thrive?  Does your startup focus on M2M?  Join us for our next forum where we will discuss this new frontier, where business are seizing opportunities, how to commercialize and how you can position yourself for the next technology wave.


W. David Stephenson, Principal, Stephenson Strategies

W. David Stephenson is a leading Gov./Enterprise 2.0-3.0 strategist, theorist and writer. He focuses on the Internet of Things, strategic use of XBRL, homeland security and disaster management and ways to directly involve the public in policy and services debate and delivery.

He is principal of Stephenson Strategies and is a consultant with the UK-based The Internet of People. He has consulted on strategies to increase governmental bodies’ transparency and simultaneously increase operating efficiency: services that are particularly appropriate to the current loss of faith in governmental institutions coupled with the need to innovate in an era of dramatically-reduced resources.

He is the author of an e-book, SmartStuff: an introduction to the Internet of Things, and of Data Dynamite: how liberating information will transform our world (Data4All Press, 2011). He recently was the producer/host of a video introducing the Internet of Things to the general public.

Christopher J. Rezendes President, INEX ADVISORS LLC

Chris Rezendes is responsible for leading client and partner engagements and new research initiatives at INEX ADVISORS LLC. In his current advisory engagements, Rezendes focuses on helping clients define, select and execute their most promising growth and investment opportunities in internet of Things, M2M and related killer enabling technologies markets. Rezendes has nearly 22 years of experience analyzing, advising or operating in mission critical, real-time, embedded, mobile and wireless technology businesses.
Throughout his career, Rezendes has helped some of the largest and most respected companies in the industrial, embedded, defense, infrastructure and information technology industries achieve higher quality, more profitable, sustainable growth. His clients have included nearly 75% of the Electronics Business Top 100 OEMs, most of the Information Week 100, and every tech-focused member of the Fortune 500.

At INEX, that client profile is now complemented by a wide range of start-up and early-stage companies operating in IoT and M2M markets, or around a number of Web 2.0 and 3.0 solutions and enabling technologies.

Hans Scharler, co-founder, ioBridge

Hans developed streaming technology for web and mobile applications so users can interact with monitoring and control systems in real-time. Hans is also the creator of ThingSpeak, an open source Internet of Things platform that allows devices to interact with social networks and share time-series data published by simple devices. Hans loves all kinds of connected projects. He has a Tweeting Toaster with over 2,000 Twitter followers. In his spare time, Hans plays board games and enjoys discovering new coffees and teas.

Josh Siegel - Founder, CarKnow LLC (PhD Candidate, MIT)
Josh Siegel is a student-entrepreneur at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He served three years as President of the MIT Entrepreneurs Club, launching companies ranging from inertial navigation hardware design to engineering consulting services, as well as serving as an advisor for a mobile informatics company targeted for acquisition by a major technology company. His academic research aims to democratize access to vehicle diagnostic data through the use of an open Cloud platform, and he is commercializing this work under the brand "CarKnow."

Richard Pietravalle
Principal, MITRE Corporation
Richard Pietravalle is a Principal at MITRE corporation (www.mitre.org ) in the Center for Integrated Intelligence Systems. He has been a project manager and consultant for applications in defense and civilian agencies, the intelligence community, and homeland security, including technologies for computer network defense, information protection, and tamper resistance. He serves as MITRE’s representative to the Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection (www.thei3p.org). Richard also has over twenty years experience in the private sector in the USA and Europe including information science, security, networking, personal computers, and systems management technologies.



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