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June 23

Today's Challenges and Advancements in Corporate Innovation

A July 2014 KPMG CEO study revealed that 72% of CEOs surveyed were worried that their products wouldn't be relevant in three years. 90% were worried that their competitors have the ability to take their business away, and yet 83% of these CEOs believe that their own companies are NOT innovating. Large corporations are struggling with growth now more than ever before.  In many cases, it's isn't simply being unable to grow, b
ut their challenge, in light of technologically driven changes to business models, is existential in nature, their very survival depends upon it.

Bob Caspe will discuss the exponential increase in the speed of innovation by touching topics such as the Internet, social media, and the advancesof technology. With that Caspe will also explain the innovative strategies businesses can apply in order to adapt to the new changes, including how they have evolved and what directions they may take. In addition, he will discuss the two major classifications of what corporate innovation looks like today.

part21.08000201.09050001@gmailBob Caspe, 
CEO of the IEC 
International Entrepreneurship Center

Bob is a serial entrepreneur, having founded (with others) several small companies in a variety of industries including medical electronics, printing and publishing and consumer products.

After retiring in 2003, he spent 12 years teaching at Babson's MBA program subjects relating to entrepreneurship and marketing.
Most recently, together with five partners, Bob started the International Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) located in Newton MA.  From here, Bob continues teaching entrepreneurship, mentoring small companies, and speaking at innovation conferences.

He has an electrical engineering degree from NYU.

Tuesday June 23rd, 2015

International Entrepreneurship Center
320 Nevada St. Newton, MA

6:30-7:00pm Check-In & Networking 
7:00-7:45pm Session with Moderator/Speaker
7:45-8:30pm Open Audience Q&A Session 
8:30pm Wrap-Up, Light Refreshments & Networking


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